Roll Cage BMW (E30) 3-Series 5-doors Touring RWD BOLT IN V1



6-point Removable Full Cage with FIA sleeve connections

i It's the roll cage compatible with the sunroof?
i This option indicates compatibility with the headliner
i This option indicates the area in which the Roll Cage is fitted.

AST Bolt In V1 roll cage with 6 points to the bodyshell, screwed onto 6 reinforcement plates welded to the bodyshell. These reinforcement plates are made of 3mm thick steel and are designed and manufactured specifically for each car, achieving maximum safety and fitting on the chassis. The roll cage is delivered welded and unpainted, and consists of a main hoop of 45mm diameter in E355 steel, the rest of the structure is made of 40mm diameter in E355 steel. The structure is divided in multiple sections in order to allow an easier assembly in the vehicle

Thanks to our laser scanner technology we guarantee an accurate 3D design that suits in your vehicle.

In the price of this article are included:

- Welded roll cage

- FIA connectors

- Reinforcement plates

- Screws, washers and nuts

- Individual documentation

- Installation manual

- Sticker set

* Consult with your Federation / Sports Organization the minimum safety requirements specific to your vehicle, version, engine and type of test and / or championship to be played, even if this roll cage fits in all model engines.

* These structures require adaptations and / or cancellations of interior elements of the vehicle (dashboard, door panels, upholstery, rear seats ...)


Data sheet

(E30) 3-Series
E30 5-door Touring RWD
Bolt In

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