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AST Roll Cages was born as a hobby in a Spain garage in 2014 with the aim of building roll cages for our own cars. Finally, it was consolidated as a company in 2017 in the town of Torres de Berrellén, located just 20km away from Zaragoza (Spain).

Currently our staff is made up of 15 people, and we have more than 1200m² of facilities, including offices, factory and workshop, being equipped with the latest technology in CNC manufacturing, design and 3D scanning, in addition to having all workflows computerized within of the company. All these elements make it possible for us to take charge of the entire process: from design to manufacturing, through installation and the extremely important commercial and administrative channel.  


At AST Roll Cages we have the most extensive catalog of roll cages in the world, with more than 270 vehicle models available and 6000 designs available so that the client has the opportunity to choose what they really need for their project.


Another of our specializations is the industrial, technical and administrative capacity for the mass production of roll cages for different cups, automobile competitions and large clients, being highly competitive in terms of price and delivery times, guaranteeing a large monthly manufacturing volume.