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All our safety cages that AST Roll Cages offers are designed with the maximum technology that can be found in the market today. Each of the vehicles that we develop are processed using pioneering laser scanning systems, with a margin of error of hundreds. Thanks to this technique, we can develop our security cages under the highest criteria and quality requirements using the most avant-garde three-dimensional design programs.

AST Técnica - Escaneado

The reinforcement plates that connect the security cage with the vehicle are designed and conceived copying the shape of the ground in detail. Manufactured in carbon steel by CNC cutting and inspected through a double verification process, we can guarantee an adaptation of these parts that cannot be found in any other manufacturer. And of course fulfilling the requirements demanded in competition.

AST Técnica - Tubos

Due to 3D scanning of the vehicle body and almost obsessive safety and design principles, we are able to develop safety structures with a maximum fit on the vehicle and with special emphasis on protecting the occupants with ingenious and effective security resources that can only be found in AST Roll Cages structures. Another of the great differences that characterizes us is the confluence between tubes creating nodes between them, possible thanks to our ability to design, control manufacturing and CNC cutting. All this to achieve an equitable distribution of the forces exerted in the event of an impact and / or overturn. 

AST Técnica - Seguridad

Our tireless work and acquired experience have made us the manufacturer of safety arches with the largest catalog in the world, currently with more than 270 vehicle models and more than 6000 designs of safety structures available. And all this by flagging compliance with the standards, design and material requirements established by the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

AST Técnica - FIA